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About Us

Fjord-Land Fisheries Inc. is an acquisition and holding company specialized in the seafood space. 

Beyond that, we are looking to preserve the iconic mom and pop method of doing business on main street America. We firmly believe it's better for small seafood businesses to maintain their culture, legacy and unique value offering.

In order to do that and to compete with big box retailers it's necessary to organize in a decentralized format akin to a fleet of ships.

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Why the Seafood Industry

Our reasoning for selecting the seafood industry for consolidation is based on the regulatory and cost barriers to entry. When combined with the fact that the industry is mostly comprised of small to medium sized businesses owned by retirement aged individuals, this industry is ideal for external growth.

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Traceability Standard

All Seafood sold by our subsidiary companies must be traceable to it's point of origin. It is our aim to avoid selling product which come from the following;

- Countries which do not practice sound fisheries management

- Countries that are known for human rights violations especially those associated with seafood

- Companies whose fishing or farming methods have been shown to have adverse affects on the environment

- Companies known to quality control issues  

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Sustainability Standard

"Sustainability is not our focal point, it is paramount and a basic standard of our business."

"We are committed to carrying no wild caught products that are; at risk, threatened, or endangered and will employ traceability protocols as needed to ensure that commitment."

"All farmed products must come from farms that can justify having a low impact on the surrounding environment and use best practices regarding water management."

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