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Moving Forward

Taking custody of what you built

How long have you been building and growing your company to what it is today?

Being a business owner means making sacrifices, sleepless nights, and often going it alone with very few people who understand. It can be rewarding though, freedom to choose your path, the creative element and the thrill of making something work.

We want to protect and continue to grow what you have built, let us carry on your legacy and take it even further. 

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Our Process

Scroll through below to learn more about the step by step process

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Business Owner

Initial Discussion

Everything starts with that first discussion, common talking points will be;

  • How long have you been in business?

  • What's your motivation to sell?

  • How did you get into this business?

  • What is the approximate revenue per year and profit margins?

Investment Thesis

We will consolidate and expand the fragmented aquaculture and seafood industry within the Northeastern United States. In doing so we will provide sustainable, ethical and delectable seafood to our customers.

We will accomplish this by vertically integrating the industry, allowing for stabilized costs throughout our holdings; selecting and implementing industry best practices from a consumer and ecological standpoint; maintaining a quality product, which we will market and bring to our customers at a competitive price.

In doing this we shall honor the individual cultures, and aesthetic of our acquired subsidiaries.

Let's Make Main Street Bigger!

Our reasoning for choosing the seafood sector is based on the high number of small to midsized businesses owned by retirement aged individuals.

When combined with the regulatory and cost barriers to entry, this is an ideal space to grow via acquisition.

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